Handcrafted Candles  - Large

Handcrafted Candles - Large

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Natural, eco friendly rapeseed wax & essential oil candle, hand crafted in Dorset using recycled bottles.

50-60 hour burn time

Glass colour –available in clear, green and brown glass.

Scents: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Spring Scent uses essential oils of bergamot, mint, citrus, aniseed and frankinsense, combined to create a fresh scent perfect for refreshing your home after a long winter.

Summer Scent uses essential oils of ylang ylang, patchouli, tangerine & spanish verbena – combined to create an exotic, sweet scent reminiscent of summers in hot climates

Autumn Scent uses essential oils of cedarwood, oregano, thyme & lemon, for a masculine, spicy, herbal scent that refreshes as well as calms – perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

Winter Scent uses essential oils of frankincense, clove, fir needle & orange – combined to create a sweet and woody scent with a hint of spice


These candles are scented with only essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals, to ensure a candle that’s clean burning and safe to use around little ones and pets – purifying rather than polluting the air around you


All the candles are made from natural rapeseed wax with a little added beeswax. This ensures a longer burning candle that purifies the air, rather than more common paraffin wax that introduces toxins to the home. Rapeseed is grown sustainably in the UK & EU – as opposed to soy which is shipped from further afield, where deforestation often occurs to make way for the crops


The glass containers are crafted from hand cut and polished recycled glass bottles, sourced from local bars and restaurants. We keep all our packaging to a minimum and only use recycled / biodegradable materials, of which we encourage either reuse, composting or recycling after use