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Dorset Charcoal's Lumpwood Charcoal is perfect for tandoori clay ovens as well as the more conventional char-grilling, spit roasting or barbecuing. High quality barbecue charcoal that ignites quickly and is ready to cook in 15 minutes. It burns cleaner and leaves only ash plus there is no need for firelighters or lighter fuel and with a better flavour.

This is the same as standard lumpwood barbecue charcoal, only left in larger lumps as favoured by many professional chefs.

  • Easy and quick to light.

  • No need for lighter fluid or fire lighters.

  • Reaches cooking temperature quickly.

  • Burns evenly.

  • Ready to cook in 10 - 15 minutes.

  • Leaves only ash.

  • Made from British Hardwood.

  • Larger charcoal pieces for a prolonged cooking period.

Please note, this product is for in-store collection only. Local delivery (postcodes BH1-BH12) may be possible - please call the store to enquire.