Born from Necessity Spring to Health Shot

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 Born From Necessity ‘s Spring To Life Health Shot is our uniquely formulated revival boost. And like its winter companion (our Winter Health Shot), its ingredients are specific for the time of year.

Raw honey - naturally high in antioxidants and is a natural prebiotic. With antibacterial properties, it wards off infection and is soothing. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and is a great sugar alternative.

Water kefir - an amazing prebiotic so necessary for good gut health.

Turmeric - one of nature’s best anti inflammatories, which helps improve memory, lessen pain, neutralises free radicals and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Ginger - another of nature’s anti inflammatories, it helps improve blood sugar regulation, may help lower cholesterol and reduce nausea.

Ingredients: Water kefir, raw honey, organic ginger and organic turmeric.

Shelf life is 3 weeks, can be refrigerated but not essential. Check best before date on the bottle.

All our produce is top quality, sourced responsibly and organic containing no artificial chemicals or stabilisers as well as being plant based and cruelty free.